Thursday, October 29, 2009

9 Directions Exhibition

2 days ago I visited 9 Directions, an international graffiti - street art exhibition that took place in Thessaloniki.

The exhibition featured the work of a number of young Greek artists such as Wake,




Zad Iloe

Best Before and others.

The exhibition also featured some foreign artists like Casroc from Belgium

and Mr. Wany from Italy.

End of transmission.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

(a bitter) hope

after posts like this and this

I was thinking yesterday

that maybe there is still a hope

even in Greece

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animal Farm

Attica Zoological Park
A few days ago I visited the Attica Zoological Park.

Attica Zoological Park
It is located in the area of Spata, about half an hour drive from Athens city center.

Attica Zoological Park
The visitor of the park can have a close encounter with all sorts of living species.

Attica Zoological Park
This is a ring-tailed coati. You got to trust me about the ring tail, it was there!

Attica Zoological Park
And here is an emo-haired monkey!

Attica Zoological Park
This is a rare white lion. Only 30 around the globe, according to Wikipedia.

Attica Zoological Park
And a lovely cheetah-looking kitty with an itchy jaw.

Attica Zoological Park
A bunch of wildlife under wild midday light.

Attica Zoological Park
What does a giraffe and me have in common? We both love beetroots!

Attica Zoological Park
A herd of zebras

Attica Zoological Park
a lonely alligator

Attica Zoological Park
and a sleepy monkey.

Attica Zoological Park
I must admit that watching caged animals is definitely not my idea of fun

Attica Zoological Park
especially when they occasionally make faces like the one above.

Attica Zoological Park
On the other hand, you get a close look at some species that you wouldn't normally want to be around you

Attica Zoological Park
unless you're one of those perverts that get such things as pets!

Attica Zoological Park
But my main concern is... How come he has a girlfriend and I don't?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stuck at the gas station

Yesterday I was stuck at the gas station for 2.5 hours. Waiting for one guy.

Waiting is very boring.

I had three cups of tea at the shop.

Went to toilet twice.

Got the car washed.

Bought a magazine.

Went again to the shop and got some peanuts and free catalogue of gifts for Shell bonus points card holders!

Got the tank filled up.

Was sitting in the car with engine on to keep warm.

Until it became dark.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Earth, water and sky

I wanted to freeze this stream of water.

I wanted to take it home, watch it on my computer screen

and see how it looks like, motionless.

Then I had to move on.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

September lights

September has been a month full of photo shooting. But my time for posting has been very limited. Here is a collection of some interesting images of September.

September has been a month full of interesting skies

and lighting conditions.

The mild weather inspired long walks and bike rides across the seafront

and around the old parts of the city center.

I enjoyed some moments of urban peace in my home town

and some urban chaos in the big Greek apple of Athens.