Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girona: a trip within a trip

And what could be considered as the quintessence of a trip? A (trip)^2 squared.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sintra: Don’t shoot the elves

If you ever find yourself travelling around Lisbon, Sintra is one of the places you’ve just got to visit (why can’t I think of a clever first line?...any way).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Primavera en Barcelona*

*Spring in Barcelona

{I have always been of the opinion that spring is the best season to travel}

A vibrant city with a Bohemian air,

something that you can feel at its squares

and its narrow streets… in Barri Gòtic. I could walk for hours through these lovely closes. It could be a reason -on its own- for me coming back to Barcelona.

Next to the terrace of La Pedrera,

there was one of those houses that make you think of your own everyday stories sitting there on that balcony – living the dream for a while.

Gaudi makes this city feel like fairytale...

When travelling,

there are always some signs that are there for you..

…“See the big picture” in whatever you do,

even if it's the details that count.

I saved this photo for last, as a wish for a joyful summertime!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cabo Da Roca: The edge of the world

The landscapes along the coastline just outside Lisbon gave me a weird feeling. Was it awe? Was it an awakening of some sort of urge for exploration that is deeply buried in our genes?

These cliffs close to the town of Cascais are simply breathtaking. And what a name…! Boca do Inferno! According to the locals, it’s a very suitable place for a broken hart to end its pain…with just a tiny jump.

For those who are not very fond of the macabre, Azenhas do Mar is a more suitable setting. I wouldn’t say no to a beautiful little house on the top of that huge rock.

Final stop: Cabo da Roca

The thought of standing at the most occidental point of the European Continent is definitely a trip.

I am almost certain that a few centuries back, people who stood there felt like standing on the edge of the world.

To be completely honest, I felt like standing on the edge of the world, even though I know there is something at the other side of the vast river. Actually, on a clear day and if you look reeeeeally hard, you can see a McDonald’s restaurant!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lisboa: Meet me outside the terminal, besos

Arriving in Lisbon, I found the city getting prepared for the Festas de Lisboa, thus getting even more colorful than it already is. At this point I have to warn you that as far as I can tell, Lisbon is one of those places that forced me to get a bit over-enthused with the picture-taking deal….so bare with me.

Alfama and Bairro do Castelo are probably the most charming neighborhoods in the city with plenty of landmarks and ‘eye-catchers’.

Sé cathedral

The narrow streets and the old buildings decorated with colorful tiles.

The Castelo de São Jorge which comes with a magnificent view of the city…

…and a peacock.

Be careful of the tram!

Walking towards Baixa from the costal avenue, things tend to get a bit more modern, but still in bright colors.

What? You are already tired? We’ve just hit Praça do Comércio. Oh come on…let’s have a small walk through Rua Augusta.

I promise we’ll catch some nice street music …

…and some nice buildings as well. can have a rest for bit. But only for a bit, because we have to drop by Belém as well.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is a landmark in Belém you can’t miss.

But let’s cross the street through the underpass.

The river side is promising.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos and Ponte 25 de Abril.

Torre de Belém.

I can tell you are a bit exhausted.

Let’s go for some alien seafood. There are some more places around Lisbon we’ve got to visit!

The Regent's Canal

A good friend and the mild weather of May offered me the chance to take a walk along the Regent's Canal of London, whose existence I totally ignored.

We started from the London Fields area and walked westwards towards Islington.

On our way we came across some interesting bits of architecture, this one resembles the cranes used by the cargo boats of the canal.

We walked by some urban scribblings

and some spooky window shades.

The canal walk offers both a taste of the urban side of London

as well as lots of interesting living encounters.

When you approach Angel, the channel goes underground and the walking path is disrupted.

That's when we turned our heads back for a last view, before returning back to the normal urban structure.