Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sintra: Don’t shoot the elves

If you ever find yourself travelling around Lisbon, Sintra is one of the places you’ve just got to visit (why can’t I think of a clever first line?...any way).

One of the first things I discovered about this place was that Hans Christian Andersen used to live in one of these old, pretty houses, but as my expedition in this wonderful area progressed, it all made sense.

Apart from the history and the monuments, the natural landscape of the area, makes Sintra a ‘class A’ fairytale factory.

The Castelo dos Mouros and the bird’s eye view of the area that it offers should be enough for visiting Sintra, but there is more!

Palácio da Pena looks magnificent the way it stands on that foresty hill. How about a closer look?

I’m trying to narrow down the pictures from that place, but it’s a tough job.

Ok. A short walk through the surroundings of the palace and I’m out of here. Unfortunately I’ve got a plane to catch.

That kind of looks like a druid hang-out doesn’t it?

We’ve got company.

Got to have faith (?)

That’s an original elf picnic table.

It appears that the elves fired the pool boy a long time ago.

Shit! I’m almost out of battery.

Just one last picture of that fellow.


jorge said...

This is getting out of hand - you're getting too good at this!

mmabs said...

Better late than never (late comment)--- Qu... that made me go WOW!! it felt like a different world. I love the psychedelic wall and the black swan!