Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Mallon Glikoi" photo project

1. Bavdel kicks off. A brave man indeed, and a natural born talent.

2. Host artist Reb, showing some teeth.

3. Yannis adding some emotion.

4. Reb shows Spyridoula how it should be done properly.

5. Nikos contributes to the project, moments before he left.

6. Iliana takes it on a higher level of cuteness.

7. And Christos brings it back again to the ground.

8. Best Before outsmarts everyone with his natural talent. Some say he had this exact face all night.

9. Spyridoula can't stand up to the seriousness of the project.

10. Just when we needed some Koftis, Koftis Jr was there.

11. Christina misses the expression, but wins on all other levels.

12. Thomi qualifies for the cuteness award.

You can check out the all photos of the actual art exhibition by clicking here.

The public has spoken. 44 people cast their vote for the best face for the "Mallon Glikoi" photo project, and the winner is Bavdel, with 14 votes!

There is a special prize for the winner by the artist herself: A MoFo muppet!