Monday, March 30, 2009

2L8 live at Serres (behind the scenes)

Last Friday I joined the band of 2L8 at their concert at the city of Serres. Being a friend with most band members, I gladly accepted their invitation to record a video of their performance. Of course I wouldn't miss the chance to take some photos from one of the most exciting bands I know, both in terms of sound and visual performance.

The performance took place at the Public Central Library of Serres.

During sound check, still as their normal, everyday selves.

2L8 are an 8-piece band. Vocals, guitar, upright bass, cello, violin, theremin, drums, percussion.

Thereminist May Roosevelt.

The set is finally ready

so now it's time for the transformation backstage.

K the Clown, front man and composer of 2L8, with his eyeliner.

Giving a helping hand to the freshest members of the band.

Some last-minute hair styling

and anti-stress exercise.

Introducing the band to the audience,

time to get on stage!

The youtube below is a short video I made using photos and video shots of their mesmerizing performance. I used an excerpt of their song "Empty Streets pt. II".

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Urban Chaos

Today, during my usual evening elevation, I thought to take some pictures of the chaotic urban structure of Thessaloniki.

Some say rules are for breaking.

But how can you break the rules, when there aren't any?

I think it's already obvious.

It's the theory of chaos.

Anarchy, applied.

Have you ever heard of the green roof project?

Well here is a green hose

and a yellow tank

and yes, some traces of life on this planet.

You may wonder, what on earth makes us want to live in such surroundings?

It's the sun, my friend

it's the sun.

Everybody deserves a place in the sun.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Moon

I was driving back from a movie last night & looked out my car window, only to find a "new kind of moon". Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

I spent last weekend in Brooklyn and after about four miserable months the weather was warm enough that all we could think of doing was spending time outside. So we walked, and walked some more. And the part I enjoyed the most was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge over to Manhattan.

On the horizon you could almost make out the Statue of Liberty. I haven't seen it up close yet. On the right hand side you can see downtown Manhattan, home to the financial district.

All I had with me was my phone hence the miserable pictures. Having said that, I like how the phone lens totally skewed this shot. It's fun when your electronics take artistic initiative.

Granted that's a boring pic - but what I was trying to do was to take a picture when no cars were crossing. And given the traffic on the bridge that was no mean feat. Pedestrians cross one level up from the cars which makes the walk quieter and altogether more scenic. At points you forget there's tons of vehicles just five or so meters below you. A great architectural feature that I only appreciated on the actual bridge.

The story goes that the lead engineer contracted diver's disease while working on the project back in the late 1800's. He asked his wife to find a riverside apartment for them in Brooklyn, with a view of the bridge, so that he could stay home and overlook the construction from his window while she took over finishing the project.

So, that was my favorite part of last weekend. And then, on Monday, it started snowing again...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New York 2009

Before few days I visited New York.
It's difficult to describe what exactly I saw and how I felt when I was there. It was like a dream!
Here is some views of New York.Let's enjoy them!