Thursday, March 26, 2009

Urban Chaos

Today, during my usual evening elevation, I thought to take some pictures of the chaotic urban structure of Thessaloniki.

Some say rules are for breaking.

But how can you break the rules, when there aren't any?

I think it's already obvious.

It's the theory of chaos.

Anarchy, applied.

Have you ever heard of the green roof project?

Well here is a green hose

and a yellow tank

and yes, some traces of life on this planet.

You may wonder, what on earth makes us want to live in such surroundings?

It's the sun, my friend

it's the sun.

Everybody deserves a place in the sun.


wall-e said...

I loved the pictures! One of my favorite posts for sure. And let's not forget: beautiful structures can arise from chaotic systems.

mmabs said...

I love how quirky your entry is... totally cool. I love the last picture with the orange buildings from the sun's reflection. way cool

χ.ζ. said...

I like how your pictures are placed together with your words. You made almost a poem...

PS.However I don't agree with the sentence 'anarchy applied'. I do believe that anarchy isn't the lack of any rule, like our cities in Greece do...

jorge said...

wall-e, I agree. It depends on the frame you choose to focus.

mmabs, this sun came as a surprise ending that day. Just 5 or 10 mins before sunset.

x.z. I was obviously not trying to make a political statement by using the (A) word. I was just meaning the opposite of a strict order.

Thank you all for the nice feedback!

mindstripper said...

Green hose! Good one! :-)
Bright sun, blue sky. No recipe better than that. ;-)

zaxou said...

The last picture is great!
You can see beautiful thinks everywhere..
I think that you are an important artist!