Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tłusty czwartek - Fat Thursday in Warsaw

I have been in Warsaw before only in 1990. Long time indeed. And this February, I came to Warsaw just at the time of Fat Thursday - February 19.

Polish people have this wonderful tradition of Tłusty czwartek - Fat Thursday, the last thursday before the Easter lent.

Poles line up in huge queues to the confectionaries - for special kind of donuts - which are being made and sold only on this day.

I mean, queues are huge!

And the donuts are great indeed! Very tasty, with rose jam inside, and orange dried peel topping. There is a traditional belief, that you can eat as many donuts as you wish on the Fat Thursday, and God will not punish you for the sin of gluttony.


jorge said...

Very tasty post Andriy.

But I wonder, what happened to the rest on the last pic? :)

Andriy said...

I think you know what happened :)