Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter has arrived

Hardcore foto-aparat fans, this is the exact same view with my previous post, with some snow spilled on top!

I was starting to get really jealous by seeing all previous snowy posts from my fellow contributors but hey, I ain't jealous any more!

Because today I woke up to this view.

I know this is definitely not the typical picture a non-Greek has about my country

but I guess winter has reached its final destination... Greece!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Україна-Кокаїна (Ukraine-Cocaine)

Life is full of contradictions. People always want something they don't have at the moment. In drizzling slurpy winter they dream of summer sunshine. In hot and sweaty summer they think of fairy snowy winter. Modern ways of living allows people to go from summer to winter and vice verca in a matter of airplane ticket. This happend to us as well.

This time Egypt amazed me with local residents / vendors / entertainers, who, after getting answer to the question "Where are you from", started shouting "Ahh, Україна-Кокаїна!" ("Ukraine-Cocaine"). Nobody would probably tell who taught them this. And I never heard this phrase outside of Egypt.

At the breakfast:

Dolphin following the divers' boat:

Current affairs on Al Jazeera:

Jetty on the coral reef after the sunset:


Eat, drink, enjoy.

View of Cyprus from the airplane on the way back:

Notice the fine curvature of our tiny planet.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fighting Winter Depression (Random Pictures of Kyiv)

When you have no energy for active resistance to the winter depression, lack of sun and vitamin D, you may end up drinking or daydreaming. I browsed through the old, not so recent pictures taken on random wanderings around my home city.

The famous pedestrian bridge, leading to the Trukhaniv island, a huge unpopulated, wooded island in the middle of the Dnieper river (and in the middle of the city), great place to have open air parties in summer.

This is how one of the lakes on that island look like:

Just an old car near where I live:

Old and new in the summer:

One of the domes of the ancient Kievo-Pechersk Lavra, the famous Caves Monastery:

Green grass in one of the central parks:

Just a nice old courtyard:


Boston 2009

It's the time to go back again,to the city with the skyscrapers. the sea. That is nice!

February 2009,there isn't snow any more.I left the Boston city and I was going to the sea.

One day I saw a little girl kiss herself,and I though that I saw the first day of the spring. Oh,my God I think that I need to see sun and sea very soon.

January 2009.I want to call to my family,but it's a little difficult.Ok ,I will wait until March.

A frozen lake.

December,6pm in Boston.I fell like a hero of fairy-tale

Ok! It is the first day of December.I am wondering,how it will be the 20th day of the December?

And here we are!Welcome to December 2008.


Sometimes,I fell like a little child when I look the skyscrapers at night.

Boston by night!

It is amazing! It looks like a mirror.

Art on the wall of super market.

Art on the parking wall.

Art on the wall out of the museum of The Fine Art of Boston.

That's cool!You can see art everywhere.

The statue of the Red Indian it is out of the Museum of fine Arts of Boston.It looks the sky.I am wondering if it is waiting for rain.

Just look and relax!

Here is some view of the city.

Everywhere you see colours and leaves.

You can see clearly the colours of autumn on the leaves.

Autumn 2008 in Boston.You can see the antithesis, skyscrapers and nature.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rainy Sunday morning at Zappeion Megaron

Work can sometimes make you be at weird places, at weird times. I can't find myself a good reason to visit Zappeion Megaron in my leisure time, especially on a rainy Sunday morning.

There were obviously not many people around, just me and some stray dogs.

Here's the front view in whole. Total "Athenian" look.

Turning around, you get a glimpse of proper city centre chaos.

If you really try, you can spot the Acropolis rock in the background with the Parthenon on top.

Let me zoom in for you. There you go.

Back to the point, Zappeion Megaron from another angle.

And one of the Zappas in marble. Not Frank Zappa, no.

Zappeion Megaron is surrounded by some nice gardens.

But it was rather humid for someone have a proper rest.

The morning drizzle offered some photo opportunities but it was definitely not the ideal setting for a Sunday walk.

Who is to blame for that? Politicians of course!

"Faggots of the parties, show some mercy"