Saturday, February 14, 2009


Boston 2009

It's the time to go back again,to the city with the skyscrapers. the sea. That is nice!

February 2009,there isn't snow any more.I left the Boston city and I was going to the sea.

One day I saw a little girl kiss herself,and I though that I saw the first day of the spring. Oh,my God I think that I need to see sun and sea very soon.

January 2009.I want to call to my family,but it's a little difficult.Ok ,I will wait until March.

A frozen lake.

December,6pm in Boston.I fell like a hero of fairy-tale

Ok! It is the first day of December.I am wondering,how it will be the 20th day of the December?

And here we are!Welcome to December 2008.


Sometimes,I fell like a little child when I look the skyscrapers at night.

Boston by night!

It is amazing! It looks like a mirror.

Art on the wall of super market.

Art on the parking wall.

Art on the wall out of the museum of The Fine Art of Boston.

That's cool!You can see art everywhere.

The statue of the Red Indian it is out of the Museum of fine Arts of Boston.It looks the sky.I am wondering if it is waiting for rain.

Just look and relax!

Here is some view of the city.

Everywhere you see colours and leaves.

You can see clearly the colours of autumn on the leaves.

Autumn 2008 in Boston.You can see the antithesis, skyscrapers and nature.


Andriy said...

very nice! especially the street art near supermarket :)

jorge said...

welcome, by the way!

and thanks for showing us around your city!

jorge said...

...and I have just noticed that your story is in reverse chronological order, which is another interesting way to see things :)

zaxou said...

Ok jorge,
thanks about your comment!
I am glad that you like the reverse way of my story,because this happened mistake!
It was the first time,that's why.

Anyway,I'm thinking to use it like my personal style because i like the result, too ;)