Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow place like London

Sunday the 1st of February was not like any other Sunday in London. In the evening it started snowing and after a couple of hours the city was covered in white.

It was the perfect evening for an unforgettable walk around the City Hall and Tower Bridge.

You wouldn't expect crowded streets in London on a Sunday night. The freezing conditions, though, made some difference.

Next morning was just great!

Another view of the City Hall...

...and a view of the Thames, the Tower of London and the "Gherkin".

This is probably the most famous snowman in London! Hundreds, or even thousands, of people took pictures of it as they were passing by. So did I!

By noon you could even see some blue sky. I know it was a hard day for millions of people in London but for me it was... a wonderful day out!


mmabs said...
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mmabs said...

The pictures are great Vasilis.

Andriy said...

this is just cool

zaxou said...

Nice view pictures from the London!

grams said...

I have always wanted to go to London when it snows
thanks for takeing me there