Friday, February 13, 2009

Rainy Sunday morning at Zappeion Megaron

Work can sometimes make you be at weird places, at weird times. I can't find myself a good reason to visit Zappeion Megaron in my leisure time, especially on a rainy Sunday morning.

There were obviously not many people around, just me and some stray dogs.

Here's the front view in whole. Total "Athenian" look.

Turning around, you get a glimpse of proper city centre chaos.

If you really try, you can spot the Acropolis rock in the background with the Parthenon on top.

Let me zoom in for you. There you go.

Back to the point, Zappeion Megaron from another angle.

And one of the Zappas in marble. Not Frank Zappa, no.

Zappeion Megaron is surrounded by some nice gardens.

But it was rather humid for someone have a proper rest.

The morning drizzle offered some photo opportunities but it was definitely not the ideal setting for a Sunday walk.

Who is to blame for that? Politicians of course!

"Faggots of the parties, show some mercy"


x-ray said...

Today I went to Zappeio too, I didn't see you :)

jorge said...

Sometimes I have to take a break from walking aimlessly around Zappeio! :)

zaxou said...

Very nice photos!
You think that you can smell the rain..