Sunday, November 21, 2010

The children doing art...

painting with pastel colors and toothpicks!

painting with paper tape

Team work

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Goodnight Yerevan

It was a warm night of an even warmer day, first days of July 2010.

It was my last night in Yerevan, and I remembered the bus driver telling us, that "it's nice at the Republic Square at night, because there is a fountain"

So I went just to realize that hundreds of people were actually enjoying themselves with the classical music that was playing through the open air speakers, synchronized with the water springs and colorful laser lights.

So in this part of world, it makes sense, there is no beach you see. But there are central squares with fountains and warm people.

I just read at Wikipedia: "The Republic Square is the place where ceremonies and meetings are held. The statue of Lenin used to be located in the southern forehead of the square, but when Armenia regained its independence, the statue was brought down and replaced with a large TV monitor."

Goodbye Lenin, Goodnight Yerevan!