Friday, January 30, 2009

such a perfect day (through my window)

Here in Austria, most of winter (or maybe year?...) there are actually no parts of a day. No dawn, morning, or afternoon and time runs only in clocks. This is a random day example, taken yesterday. I could make the same for the most of a month's days.

First foto, taken about 11.30'

2nd, 12.30'





17.30' (after a perfect day, the night came to give people rest)

(Unfortunately I lost yesterday's 10.30 foto. No problem, here is today's 10.30 foto. : ) )

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just the view from my window, a few hours ago.

Reality can sometimes look good as fake.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Halcyon days

Halcyon days is a very interesting and pleasant weather condition, usually taking place in the last couple of weeks of January. A few warm days, in the heart of winter.

The name derives from a very interesting myth

and in practice, it is an ideal chance for people to enjoy some moments out in the open, before winter returns.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freezing around Belgrade

Bear with me for the last of the Serbian posts. A walk around frozen Belgrade.

Walking towards the city center

Visual proof of Christmas

Hotel Moscow

Graffiti detail + urban detail

Inside Kalemegdan park

A house overlooking Danube river

How could it be, such a beautiful place without a castle? Bloody monarchs!

Outdoor military museum in Kalemegdan

No appetite for war under such temperatures

The confluence of the Sava river into the Danube

More sightseeing... Here's Saint Sava's Cathedral, largest Orthodox church in the world

and a quick look on the impressive interior

which is still under construction

A walk in a colorful flea market

to get some local tastes back home

And as the night falls

keep on walking

because temperature is falling too!

Dedicated to my dear friend B.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Novi Sad sides

This is a short tour around the snowy city of Novi Sad.

From Belgrade to Novi Sad

Over the bridge and the breath-taking view

and across the frozen fields

you arrive at Novi Sad.

Across the road

through the park

and the path

along Danube river, on the opposite bank of the Petrovaradin fortress.

Walking towards the fortress

via Beogradska street

and through the snowy alleys

entering the fortress site.

Getting a good view of Danube

a good view of Novi Sad

and then back towards the hotel

to get prepared for a chilly Christmas night-out.

Either you look up

or down

you get a warm, welcoming feeling, despite the freezing temperatures of December.