Friday, January 30, 2009

such a perfect day (through my window)

Here in Austria, most of winter (or maybe year?...) there are actually no parts of a day. No dawn, morning, or afternoon and time runs only in clocks. This is a random day example, taken yesterday. I could make the same for the most of a month's days.

First foto, taken about 11.30'

2nd, 12.30'





17.30' (after a perfect day, the night came to give people rest)

(Unfortunately I lost yesterday's 10.30 foto. No problem, here is today's 10.30 foto. : ) )


katerina said...

wow, even my gmail theme changes colours according to the time of day...which is more often than the view from your window!

jorge said...

Very artistic statement.

Though I think you just need to wake up a bit earlier!

mmabs said...

wow!! that is the coolest thing I've seen. just like that, the whole day stays the same...kewl maaan!