Monday, January 5, 2009

Novi Sad sides

This is a short tour around the snowy city of Novi Sad.

From Belgrade to Novi Sad

Over the bridge and the breath-taking view

and across the frozen fields

you arrive at Novi Sad.

Across the road

through the park

and the path

along Danube river, on the opposite bank of the Petrovaradin fortress.

Walking towards the fortress

via Beogradska street

and through the snowy alleys

entering the fortress site.

Getting a good view of Danube

a good view of Novi Sad

and then back towards the hotel

to get prepared for a chilly Christmas night-out.

Either you look up

or down

you get a warm, welcoming feeling, despite the freezing temperatures of December.


wall-e said...

What is that canyon-like thing in the middle of picture 17 (if I counted right)? It looks awfully deep and uninviting!

jorge said...

If I counted right myself... must be the entrance of an underground parking.

Or it must be the warm wine we were drinking and I don't remember right!

luggage said...

That place looks great. I would love to travel there.

Molly @Green Global Travel said...

Looks so crisp! Love the vertical lines in the bridge picture.