Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve in Modiano meat market

Let me show you how we do it...

We pile up

We set it alight

We suck it in and spit it out

We turn it upside down

We straighten it up

In faultless Christmas style

Modiano Market was owned by a great Jewish family with that name and it used to be the heart of the meat and produce market of the town. Nowadays, although not as active, it is still buzzing with merchants selling anything: fresh olives and cheeses, numerous kitchen utensils, sleepers, trousers, meat, fish...just name it! Look out for small restaurants and kebab shops hidden in the corridors. A colorful place full of Greece.

Description taken from here.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Writing Christmas 2008

This is the story of a photo shoot for the poster of a New Year's Eve party, organized by a friend of mine that is involved in graffiti.

I found myself behind the scenes, so here is the story:

Basic ingredients: The set, the models and the photographer.

And the shooting starts!

According to the senario, Santa Claus tells a story to Santa's Little Helper...

...a story that apparently gets a bit spicy in the end...

...this drives Santa's Little Helper mad...

...and starts punishing Santa Claus in her own, irresistible way...

...she ties him up, steps on him with her heels until the photographer on set decides "it's a wrap!"

Merry Christmas from Santa Claus and Santa's Little Helper!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Einmal in Salzburg

Im Zug nach Salzburg

One of my favorite photos ever

Salzburg von oben



10 years ago, I was taking these pictures.

10 years after, I am posting them here.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to Jianghu

is one of the most vague and complicated terms in modern Chinese. It's an imaginary world in which the chivalry swordsmen fight evil and protect the weak. It's where life is always sacrificed for the ultimate causes. It's a state of mind, a fantasy, a story of romance...

Sometimes “Jianghu” is also simple to explain. It’s a small cozy bar inside an old Hutong in Beijing. A place for music, alcohol, love, and friendship.

A traditional Beijing Siheyuan has been transformed into this nice little space.

The bar just celebrated its 2nd birthday.

A picture took by the owner. A woman holding a baby in front of the freaky new CCTV building.

Latterns inside the yard.

Some art crafts and an oil painting of a traditional Beijing opera figure.

Elements of traditional Hutongs and Siheyuans.

An old phone.

Al on the roof.

The corner where music originates.

A couple of my friends having a break after a blues session.

That’s me singing some Beatles songs.

Mr. Wang Tianxiao, outstanding saxophone player, an easy-going, funny, and compassionate musician, one of the creators of “Jianghu”.
“Jianghu” is located in Dong Mianhua Hutong near Jiao Dao Kou. Click here for a detailed map.

Where there is people, there is Jianghu…

Reposted from with the kind permission of Bai.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I just returned from a spontaneous weekend trip to the nation's financial capital. I can hardly offer any perspective on the chaos and disorder in the markets but you weren't interested in that anyway, were you? Instead, I have some pictures from the Museum of Modern Art.

Even though it's permitted - and where it isn't it seems to be so such that they can shift the crowds faster through small rooms with popular exhibits - I feel rather uneasy using my camera indoors. So, you'll have to settle for the sculpture garden.

Aristide Maillol. The River.

Alexander Calder. Black Widow.

Joan Miró. Moonbird.

Alberto Giacometti. Tall Figure, III.

David Smith. Cubi X.

Barnett Newman. Broken Obelisk.

Raymond Duchamp-Villon. The Horse.

A really impressive array of sculptures spanning over 150 years of art history. And that's just the garden.

Later, walking around the museum I had the chance to point my camera upwards, tourist-style, and capture some skyscrapers.

Really, it requires no photographic skill.

Neither a good camera.

Nor does one need an eye for composition.

All you need is some tall buildings around you.

And so, that was the start of a fun weekend...