Monday, December 8, 2008


I just returned from a spontaneous weekend trip to the nation's financial capital. I can hardly offer any perspective on the chaos and disorder in the markets but you weren't interested in that anyway, were you? Instead, I have some pictures from the Museum of Modern Art.

Even though it's permitted - and where it isn't it seems to be so such that they can shift the crowds faster through small rooms with popular exhibits - I feel rather uneasy using my camera indoors. So, you'll have to settle for the sculpture garden.

Aristide Maillol. The River.

Alexander Calder. Black Widow.

Joan Miró. Moonbird.

Alberto Giacometti. Tall Figure, III.

David Smith. Cubi X.

Barnett Newman. Broken Obelisk.

Raymond Duchamp-Villon. The Horse.

A really impressive array of sculptures spanning over 150 years of art history. And that's just the garden.

Later, walking around the museum I had the chance to point my camera upwards, tourist-style, and capture some skyscrapers.

Really, it requires no photographic skill.

Neither a good camera.

Nor does one need an eye for composition.

All you need is some tall buildings around you.

And so, that was the start of a fun weekend...


jorge said...

I think you 're using a proper camera this time! I loved the urban photos!

wall-e said...

Jorge, glad you liked the urban photos. Few places as urban as NY. Got to say, I was inspired by your Athens rooftops post so thanks! Perhaps someone would like to follow the trend?

Yes, I used a proper camera this time. I reckoned if everyone else is "cheating" so should I:) Plus, 800px is a bit much for my dinky camera-phone!

PS: At some point I need to learn how to actually use my real camera properly so that I don't get overexposed shots!