Monday, December 8, 2008

Summer in December

Here are some photos from the freshly reconstructed sea front of Thessaloniki. Photos taken on December 7, with the temperature around 18C, or even more.

People of all ages enjoying the prolonged warm weather.

Ideal weather conditions for sailing,


or teaching!

This photo is for my friend Ou.

Even still water looks good under such bright sun.


Children enjoying the trendy new fountains.

And while our mayor is boasting that Thessaloniki's sea front will gradually become Europe's best,

Santa Claus is sweating under the hot December sun rays!


ou ming said...

Thank you so much for the photo Jorge! He looks like mine!

Kabanova said...

nice story. nice pictures. it is possible to sense happiness in the air

jorge said...

As I've already told Andriy, now that I stay on my own you are more welcome than ever, to come and walk together along the fancy new seafront!