Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My parents' pets

Not too far away from a small village in Southern Corfu there is a small field, traditionally called Varagas. (Nobody knows what it means any more). It is a truly peaceful place and where my parents' pets live. A few days ago I was there to help them and I took some pics as well. So here it is: food time.

''- Someday WE are going to feed YOU, bastards with no wings!''

My father taking the eggs

it's time to bring the other guys back

''-I am feeling a little strange...I mean...reading Hegel the whole night..''

My mother head of the Caravan

-Who's the Boss now, bitch? :P

The kids listened to their mothers and can't wait for fresh milk


And here, last but not least, another old friend (who smelled food)

Don't worry, be happy. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Athens

Sunday in Athens

Too hot to sit in the balcony

Better play with water and foam

it's a sunny day in Athens

Sunday in Athens

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The story of the rabbit and the turtle

...without the rabbit

Once upon a time there was a turtle. One day a rabbit came to the turtle and said, "Shall we run a race?"

The turtle said "I can’t run I’m too slow not like you" however the rabbit made the turtle agree. The rabbit ran fast. The turtle went at his usual pace.

Rabbit ran fast and looked back where the turtle was. He thought "Turtle can’t run fast as I can... I can sleep a little and run again". The rabbit fell asleep. The turtle didn’t stop his walk.

The turtle reached to the end of the race before the rabbit. The rabbit woke up after the turtle passed the finishing line. And felt sad about his laziness.

The End

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thessaloniki bike protest

Today lots of people, in many cities around Greece, took part in a protest for safer and more human commuting conditions in our cities.

It was a peaceful, colorful protest, on bicycle wheels.

Gathering up at the meeting point,

a mixture of amateur and more experienced bicycle riders.

As soon as we started moving, the numbers of the participants kept growing

and growing.

More than an hour later, the scheduled tour around the city was concluded

and everyone got a well-deserved rest on the lawns of the White Tower.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blue, green and red

No story this time, just colors.

Bright blue, bright green,

bright red.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Always make the best out of it…

I have to admit that the surroundings at my work aren’t the prettiest on earth. After all, who could possibly say that drilling machines are handsome???

The other day though, I had to bring my camera to work to take some pictures of a drill to send to a customer. That’s when I got the idea of doing some artistic self-therapy…you know…just to make the best out of it (!?)

After I was through with the boring stuff, I turned to my cheap trick (that’s black & white shots) to make things look a bit more sophisticated (I hope). So… there you go

You could imagine that this is a rather sad face

I’m seriously tempted to start playing with this control panel

I should really start learning what these things actually do…

Could use one of these muscle-fans during the summer

A bit charming?

A bit phallic?

Room with a view


And last but not least Vrasidas the dog…he can grab you from the neck if he gets the chance but he is still afraid of cats!