Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My parents' pets

Not too far away from a small village in Southern Corfu there is a small field, traditionally called Varagas. (Nobody knows what it means any more). It is a truly peaceful place and where my parents' pets live. A few days ago I was there to help them and I took some pics as well. So here it is: food time.

''- Someday WE are going to feed YOU, bastards with no wings!''

My father taking the eggs

it's time to bring the other guys back

''-I am feeling a little strange...I mean...reading Hegel the whole night..''

My mother head of the Caravan

-Who's the Boss now, bitch? :P

The kids listened to their mothers and can't wait for fresh milk


And here, last but not least, another old friend (who smelled food)

Don't worry, be happy. :)


jorge said...

Excellent Herr XZ! We've had too much... urbanism in the last posts, so this was perfect for a change!

(I know some friends of mine are jealous of your father and what he does!)

x-ray said...

Perfect indeed :)