Monday, February 9, 2009

Feeling Lucky Working 9 to 5

Snapshots from CIEC Job Fair

CIEC (China International Exhibition Center) Job Fair is one of the biggest job fairs in Beijing, if not China. Over 60,000 job seekers, more than 700 employers, 500 securities, and numerous vendors, journalists, and thieves make the huge exhibition space one of the most crowded place on earth.

According to official statistics, over 20 million migrant workers have returned home due to unemployment caused by the financial crisis. The number of new college graduates across the country is also estimated to reach 6.1 million, another record high.

If you are still complaining about your 9 to 5 rat race, unsatisfactory pay, over time, traffic, and all that “waste of life” theory, you might wanna have a look at the following snapshots and start feeling lucky.

Small companies that cannot afford the rental inside the center recruiting outside.

Security personnel near the gate.

Before entering the hall:

And after:

A journalist, or a just guy with similar hobby, using a whole lot better gear.

There were exhaustion,




but also laughter.

A stage play, where everybody play their own roles.

Life could still be confusing even when you are in your mid-40. Or does it actually become more confusing when you grow older?

No matter young or old, everyone needs to find a spot in life,

become another brick in the wall,

get used to it,

put your life in it,

even fall in love with it,

before you are thrown back to the wild again,

with less hair on your head, and 1 more page on your resume.

Hmm… time to feel grateful to my boss I guess, and start working on that @#$* assignment! :)

Reposted from with the kind permission of Bai.


jorge said...

Bai, this is my favorite China post so far. Very clever, deep and sentimental.

Thank you!

mindstripper said...

Nice photos too.

Παμ παραπαμπάμ! said...

nice photos!
but this doesn't make me feel any better!
You cannot envision something or evolve things,thinking the worst but the best...

jorge said...

I agree.

I think you have to focus on the best, in order to move things forward.

But at the same time, it helps looking at the worse, to avoid falling to depression! :)