Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Україна-Кокаїна (Ukraine-Cocaine)

Life is full of contradictions. People always want something they don't have at the moment. In drizzling slurpy winter they dream of summer sunshine. In hot and sweaty summer they think of fairy snowy winter. Modern ways of living allows people to go from summer to winter and vice verca in a matter of airplane ticket. This happend to us as well.

This time Egypt amazed me with local residents / vendors / entertainers, who, after getting answer to the question "Where are you from", started shouting "Ahh, Україна-Кокаїна!" ("Ukraine-Cocaine"). Nobody would probably tell who taught them this. And I never heard this phrase outside of Egypt.

At the breakfast:

Dolphin following the divers' boat:

Current affairs on Al Jazeera:

Jetty on the coral reef after the sunset:


Eat, drink, enjoy.

View of Cyprus from the airplane on the way back:

Notice the fine curvature of our tiny planet.

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