Monday, June 6, 2011

Cabo Da Roca: The edge of the world

The landscapes along the coastline just outside Lisbon gave me a weird feeling. Was it awe? Was it an awakening of some sort of urge for exploration that is deeply buried in our genes?

These cliffs close to the town of Cascais are simply breathtaking. And what a name…! Boca do Inferno! According to the locals, it’s a very suitable place for a broken hart to end its pain…with just a tiny jump.

For those who are not very fond of the macabre, Azenhas do Mar is a more suitable setting. I wouldn’t say no to a beautiful little house on the top of that huge rock.

Final stop: Cabo da Roca

The thought of standing at the most occidental point of the European Continent is definitely a trip.

I am almost certain that a few centuries back, people who stood there felt like standing on the edge of the world.

To be completely honest, I felt like standing on the edge of the world, even though I know there is something at the other side of the vast river. Actually, on a clear day and if you look reeeeeally hard, you can see a McDonald’s restaurant!


Anonymous said...

You should then go to the southernmost point of Europe and sit on that giant chair.

I think I just (like now!) came up with a challenge idea!
And then, conquest of Europe is a fact. :)

qu said...

challenge accepted!