Thursday, June 9, 2011

Primavera en Barcelona*

*Spring in Barcelona

{I have always been of the opinion that spring is the best season to travel}

A vibrant city with a Bohemian air,

something that you can feel at its squares

and its narrow streets… in Barri Gòtic. I could walk for hours through these lovely closes. It could be a reason -on its own- for me coming back to Barcelona.

Next to the terrace of La Pedrera,

there was one of those houses that make you think of your own everyday stories sitting there on that balcony – living the dream for a while.

Gaudi makes this city feel like fairytale...

When travelling,

there are always some signs that are there for you..

…“See the big picture” in whatever you do,

even if it's the details that count.

I saved this photo for last, as a wish for a joyful summertime!

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