Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doctor, I am LSD resistant

Last weekend I found myself at Aurora Festival, a 4-day electronic music festival that took place at Asprovalta, Greece.

The festival featured two stages. The main stage was dedicated to loud, fast, hardcore beats, what is most widely known as psychedelic trance music.

Music played non-stop.

The psy-trance appreciators, aka the living-dead.

And some more daylight resistant zombies.

The chill out stage featured much more diverse and therefore interesting music, according to my taste. Of course, there is always the chance that I am getting older, who knows?

By far the most interesting moment of such festivals is when the sun comes up.

The morning sun shamelessly reveals the misdoings of the previous night.

This is one of the best songs that were heard at one of the dj sets of the chill out stage, just to give you the groove!


Andriy said...


i even recall times when i was actively involved in psy trance here )

long time ago - my old report from one of the parties back in 2001. sorry, it's in Ukrainian - but you can check out some pictures.

jorge said...

You got to forget who you are, to be able to dance.

That's what I realized at some weird time zone between Saturday and Sunday.