Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday uphill walking

Let's see if I can narrate this as a meaningful story...

Today the sun was shining so invitingly

that left no one unaffected.

So I left home with a friend and started walking uphill,

which doctors say is good for the heart

and good for the soul.

We walked by an abandoned marble mining plant

which I guess is our humble addition to the ruins of the ancient era.

We noticed signs of human activity of a very recent past

and also signs of what is called environmental restoration,

in this case, a football field in place of the once rocky mountain side.

On our way to the top we walked by beautiful wild flowers,

and two turtle lovebirds

but nothing could compare to the breathtaking view from the top

and this sense of achievement you get when you're active in a natural environment.


mmabs said...

I love it!! feels like a lovely spring day , with a lovely spring breeze...and yes, well narrated too Jorge.

wall-e said...

Wow, the view from the top is indeed breathtaking. Actually come to think of it this my favorite area for scenic views of the city.

Andriy said...

genialno (kabanova)

jorge said...

mmabs i'm glad you liked it. the weather is so pleasant these days in greece. soon it's gonna turn too warm!:)

wall-e we should do the walk together next time you're in the hometown!

kabanova you challenge my ukranian language skills :)

wall-e said...

jorge, it's a date!

zaxou said...

..the way that you describe your story is /always /great!
Your photos smell Spring :-)