Sunday, December 27, 2009

Four airports in 16 hours

A week ago an amazing journey has started, which brought me and my beloved better half from winter to summer once again. In 16 hours we got from Kyiv, Ukraine, to Koh Samui in Thailand.

This is how airport in Kyiv looked like a week ago. Almost a North Pole. Getting to airport was quite a challenge as well.

Because of the heavy snows and very frosty weather (-15C), traffic was paralyzed in the city, and we had to abandon the taxi and jump into metro, which took us closer to the airport.

Eventually we got to the airport on time.

We had a flight with Turkmenistan airlines, which brought us to Ashgabat, a connection on the way to Bangkok. Airport #2 on our way was only interesting by Turkmen carpets (sold at ridiculous prices).

Other than this, there is nothing of interest in this airport.

Airport in Bangkok (airport #3, if we keep counting) is just amazing. It is enormous, but also very elegant, convenient, and features local culture in both interior and exterior design and architecture:

Thailand is one of few countries, where Ukrainian citizens can get visa on arrival.

Waiting for boarding for the plane to Koh Samui, our final destination on this trip. Some passengers enjoy almighty Google logo on a TV screen:

This is it! The plane to the tropical island:

The last flight was only 1.5 hours.

And finally, airport #4 on the route - Samui. Temperature outside is +30C.

Airport has literally no walls. There is no need for walls on a tropical island, which used to be home for the biggest plantation of coconuts in world.

This is how passengers get from the plane to the airport - in small funny electric buses.

Arrived at the bungalow:

More reports to come!


jorge said...


First photo looks from another planet, and each photo is a story by itself!

(Kou says he would never board a plane with fishes on it!) :)

mmabs said...

Talk about worlds apart!!! great pictures Andriy

Thomas Babcock said...

I love this shot,and wow......

seo uk said...

looks awesome pics. Nice blogs, keep on such postings...

Lifestylights. said...

Great picture!

geoff in wales said...

hope you dont mind me droppin in, brilliant pic

pimalai resort and spa said...

Those are pretty cool shots! So how did you find your Koh Samui stay? Cheers!

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aviation accident attorney said...

I love those pictures. Seems like the flowers outside the airport was a relief after being in an airport full of snow just hours back.