Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boat ride to Kalymnos

When you set sail for Kalymnos, bear in mind that the ride is 12 hours long, full of opportunities for some nice pictures.

Do not fear the four-legged passengers. After all, they are only allowed to travel in 3rd class, and most of the times they are very friendly!

Pray that the captain is not watching a football game on TV, because the Portes Rocks outside Paros are waiting for new victims.

Always find a good spot for….spotting…

weird shaped islands

and brightly colored smokestacks

but don’t forget about the ways to escape.

Kalymnos has given you a wonderful voyage, and if you found it boring, you’ll never understand what Kalymnos means!

Mr Cavafy, I’m really really sorry for what I’ve just done…

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