Monday, June 7, 2010

Athens Pride 2010 - the colorful parade

If you like taking photos in full color, then the Athens Pride is just the right event for you.

Large numbers of people took part in the Pride parade, "a powerful display of difference and acceptance".

Ordinary people took the streets

while the most extravagant of them were moving on wheels!

Lets meet a few of the colorful characters:

At some point the parade passed in front of the Greek parliament

which offered some great photo opportunities

and boosted the participants' spirits even more!

Back to some great performances on the vehicles

These people really know how to strike a pose!

Best performer by far, the sailor, who made every photographer around him very happy!

It was one of the few demonstrations where you could see people enjoying themselves,

one of the few demonstrations that brought so many colors together!

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zaxou said...

Great photos Jorge!
Nice colours,nice smiles,nice people!