Thursday, February 3, 2011

A London story

Last time I was in the UK was in 2006. I've been thinking of revisiting the island ever since, since lots of my friends were, or still are, studying or working there. It would be quite hard for me to imagine that it would take me so much time to visit it again, or that the purpose of the next travel would be business - driven. But life is a fluid thing, isn't it?

So this Sunday I found myself in London, staying close to the Marble Arch.

Walking around the charming Notting Hill area.

A night walk at Oxford st.

The Cupid firing arrows of love around the Piccadilly Circus.

The typical London cabs at China Town.

Destination: anywhere

London is a city full of trademarks.

And a significant amount of urban history.

Today, on my southbound flight back home, I couldn't help thinking what the next possible reason to visit London could be.

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ANTONIOS said...

There is only one reason to visit London and that is London itself!

So when are we going back??