Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Piękna Warszawa

Beautiful Warsaw

Warsaw does not sound as a typical tourist destination, like Vienna, Prague or Budapest, but this post aims to change this perception.

I arrived on Sunday 10 April in the morning, to witness some unusually quiet streets.

People were gathering to mark the anniversary of last year's plane crash tragedy that killed President Lech Kaczynski and many other officials, so police was diverting all traffic from the city center.

I walked towards Warsaw old town

trying to battle my jet-lag from my early flight through the chilly shady narrow roads.

Short sunny intervals offered some really beautiful sky views.

The biggest part of the Old Town was reconstructed after WWII.

The city was literally destroyed during the German invasion of 1939, known as the Siege of Warsaw.

But the Poles have shown resilience towards the reconstruction of their Old Town as it once was.

And post-war buildings have kept the same style of their bombarded ancestors.

Needless to mention, this creates a unique feeling for the visitor.

On my way back demonstrating crowds were getting thicker

and - in some instances - sexier.

I decided to head back to the hotel on foot

because the sky was getting darker

and I was not properly equipped for single-digit temperatures in mid-April.

(to be continued)

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