Saturday, September 10, 2011

The story of an image

This is my most "famous" photo. During a photo exhibition that took place last year, it was the image that received the most positive feedback, and some friends have even honored me by buying it and placing it at their homes or working places. It shows a child cooling against a waterfall-like wall.

A lot of friends would actually ask me if this image was in any way directed, or digitally processed. The answer is no and no. I am quite shy to be able to direct any photos at all, and quite lazy to do any digital processing.

So today I am publishing a few more photos from the same set, to give you a wider perspective of what was actually happening on location.

All these images where shot at Crown Fountain which is located at the Millenium Park, a place you can't miss if you're visiting Chicago, USA.

It was a hot August day of the summer of 2010, and parents were bringing their children there to play, and get a cool relief from the urban heat.

And the children, as children all around the world would do, were making the best out of it!


mmabs said...

only just saw this... beautiful images... children make the best subjects...natural and authentic experiences captured on camera.

Προσκλητηρια Γαμου said...

Just wonderful! It´s so natural!