Sunday, November 27, 2011


Bansko is an especially popular ski resort destination in south Bulgaria.

I found myself there during the last days of October, a few days before the opening of the high touristic season.

I took a late evening walk, during a small break.

I came across some eco friendly municipal installations

and some not so friendly "no parking" scribblings

Some houses were still portraying their long-dead owners

while on other walls the elections candidates where displaying their best smiles

In the meantime, autumn was at its peak

with the crispy leaves laying all over the pavements

there is a sample of local door architecture

does anyone know what "malzeb" stands for?

on my way back to my hotel, as the temperature was falling rapidly

the snowy mountain top made quite clear what the main purpose of this resort is

but my attention was drawn to anything but skiing; horses

spooky park paths

and psychedelic mushrooms

the dark fell, with freezing temperatures

and the snowy top was looking even less attractive for the non brave


mmabs said...

Beautiful G. Really beautiful....I could feel the icy autum breeze come through your words and photography. Enjoyed that.

jorge said...

Thank you Mmabsie, looking forward to your summer breezed stories :)