Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Dog and the Sun

Once upon a time the Dog wanted to run to the Sun. He has seen it rising and wanted to talk with the Sun before it goes too high. So he ran towards it.

It was frosty and foggy, so if it were not the Sun, the Dog would be lost.

But the Sun was shining through the fog, and the Dog was approaching it closer and closer. But apparently Sun was still too far away.

So the Dog stopped, turned his head up and asked the Sun: "Hello Sun. Why are you running from me? I am not going to hurt you, or bite you. I won't even bark at you. I just wanted to talk to you".

And the Sun answered in surprize: "Why would you want to talk to me?"

"Because I feel lonely," the Dog said, peeing into the Auld Swamp.

"Well, well, well", said the Auld Swamp, "This is not the kind of behaviour I would expect from a guest. Especially as young as you, Dog."

"A talking swamp!", the Dog shouted, petrified for a moment, but changing his mind in just a while. "Let's be friends with you then!", said the Dog, happily waving his tail.

"Oh, I am too old for this", replied the grumpy and near frozen Auld Swamp, "go play with a Spider, I've heard he lives in a bush nearby."

But the Spider was not there. He left his net unfinished behind and moved to warmer lands before it gets too cold. "Oh," thought the Dog, "I apparently don't have friends to play with now." And then he looked again at the Sun, that was rising into the sky slowly.

"Sun, don't leave! Let's be friends!" - the Dog barked.

"I am not leaving," - the Sun replied. "I am always here. Well, maybe not at night. And I am always your friend," the Sun smiled, "So don't worry, wee man, you have no reasons to be lonely."

"What a busy morning", the Dog thought.

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mmabs said...

Awsome!!! great pictures too...way cool.