Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 memories of Ukraine

1. the Kiev skyline

2. the outlook at Dnieper river

3. the lady serving hot wine on top of the Carpathian mountains

4. the Odessa brides

5. the endless sunflower fields

6. the boat ride between the military fleets at Sevastopol

7. the sunset at Chersonesos

8. the seafront of Yalta

9. Shallow's Nest, at the tip of the Crimean peninsula

10. the Cyrillic alphabet

Few of these I could have ever known, without the courage and strength of my two great hosts!


Andriy said...

عفوا رصيدكم الحالى غير كافى للاشتراك. برجاء إعادة شحن الرصيد و إعادة المحاولة. يمكنك إعادة الشحن عن طريق إرسال ال15 رقم المبينة على كارت الشحن فى رسالة الى 551

jorge said...

Definitely a more challenging alphabet than the Cyrillic!

mmabs said...

Another great contribution! enjoyed that.