Sunday, June 15, 2008

In the fever of EURO

Every serious man on earth knows that Austria (together with Switzerland) is hosting the Euro football matches 2008.
In this mood, I recently saw this advertisement about match bets. A girl painted with the colors of Austria's flag, kissing a boy with the colors of Germany's. Its a little bit...extreme I think, but exactly in these countries' style....I think it also shows the people's feelings between these two countries. They feel close together.


jorge said...

To me it seems even more provocative, because in football terms I don't think that people feel as close together, as they might do in real life. And this makes this picture even more extreme, as you say.

When you come back in Greece I can foresee the following dialogue between you and other Greeks:
- Where were you studying, Christo?
- In Graz.
- Where on earth is that?
- Close to Salzburg.
- Aaah!

Χ.Ζ. said...

Right jorge.
I just hope they will know Salzburg!

jorge said...

They will. Greek national football team was playing there.