Tuesday, June 24, 2008

mmmm….it smells like bacon!!!

Last night I went out for dinner and drinks with a couple of friends, in a neighborhood of Athens that I’ve never visited before. We sat at a very nice eastern café on a small pedestrian road and enjoyed the fine evening with the company of fulia, falafel, taboule and other tasty dishes.

As the empty plates left the table making space for nargile and tea, I realized that most of the customers coming and going from the café were immigrants from eastern countries such as Egypt, Syria etc.

I had already started to surrender to the taste of the smoke and the pleasant conversation when four cars came rushing through the road blocking all possible exits from the shop. A couple of young dudes ‘disguised’ in free-style looks came out from the cars, letting us know that they were police, and asking everybody for their ‘papers’.

Some of the customers were ‘asked’ to follow the policemen to the station, Ahmed, the shop keeper, was kind of apologizing to the rest for the incident trying to explain that it was quite typical, but as you can probably imagine, everyone’s mood was more than spoiled.

Any way….I don’t want to start analyzing my thoughts about cops and the way they do whatever they do. I guess everybody has his/her opinions on such issues. However I need to apologize (for once again) for the horrible quality of the pictures…but as you understand the situation was quite tight!

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