Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer storm in Thessaloniki

A few minutes before the storm, the sky started getting heavier.

In a matter of seconds, strong winds blew and heavy raindrops started to fall.

This is an old warehouse of the Thessaloniki dock, now used as an exhibition venue.

Some restored buildings of the Ladadika district, in the old Jewish quarter of the city.

The building of the National Bank of Greece, in kind of ancient Greek style.

This building is one of my favourites, because it is so ugly that it almost turns to nice.

And finally a slight taste of more modern architecture.

When the storm started to stop, it was a good time to get back home to some dry clothes!


Andriy said...

very nice story, jorge. i recognize some of the old streets, and dock i think. and i also like pictures of cities without people.

i am taking pictures with my phone to do the "summer in the city" post, but i when i come home i have no guts to transfer pictures to computer and fall asleep :)

jorge said...

glad you liked it andriy.

actually i didn't try hard to make the "city without people" photos, 'cause lots of them are away on holidays, which makes the city walks quite enjoyable.

no worries about the "summer in the city" post, you still got a month to do it in a timely manner :)

mmabs said...

These pictures are beautiful...what a beautiful city. eish,.. I miss the stormy rainy weather of Europe man.