Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vlasti Earth Festival

Last weekend I attended the Vlasti Earth Festival, which took place at the village of Vlasti, from 10 - 13 July 2008.

On the night of our arrival we had the chance to watch an explosive performance by Seattle-based Balkan punk band, Kultur Shock.
A friend of mine captured these few moments of video, before being moshed by the raging fans.

Having survived from the previous night, on Saturday morning we had a short walk around the village to observe the local architecture. That was before giving in to the magic of local tsipouro.

On Saturday night we watched two more live acts, Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar from Serbia and Yiannis Haroulis from Greece. They were both really great to listen to. Especially Yiannis Haroulis was a true revelation for me, since I had never listened to anything from him before. Great voice and great accompanying band.

On Sunday morning we paid a visit to the city of Kastoria.
Kastoria is probably the most beautiful Greek city, I would definitely love to live there... I think. Here is a view of the lake that surrounds it:

On our way back to Thessaloniki we all felt symptoms of severe depression.


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Χ.Ζ. said...

Having great time outside big cities with music and alcohol?

I wander sometimes if I could ever live in a small city (like Castoria or Corfu), when I get used in finding all my interests in big cities...

And jorge I really like your "road" pictures.