Sunday, June 14, 2009

Synch festival 2009 - Day 2

Synch festival day 2
Synch is a festival for "innovative music, moving image and new media". Here are some photos from day 2.

Matthew Herbert Big Band Synch
Matthew Herbert Big Band from backstage

Matthew Herbert Big Band Synch
and from the front

Mulatu Astatke & the Heliocentrics Synch
Mulatu Astatke & the Heliocentrics

Heliocentrics Synch
the Heliocentrics

Squarepusher Synch
Squarepusher from backstage

Squarepusher Synch
Squarepusher and crowd

the Bug Synch
the Bug

Biomass Synch

2L8 Synch
2L8 backstage

2L8 Synch
and on stage.

Now all I need is some sleep!


Κατερίνα said...

So sorry I missed it! As always, though, your pictures take us there.
Another wonderful post very well done my friend!

mindstripper said...

A dj friend of mine told me that it could be the best festival in Athens this summer. If only I had some more spare time...
Thank you for the pictures (loved the one named 'The Bug')! :-)

jorge said...

I am sure you would have both enjoyed the music and the vibe.

But let's always look ahead, to the next one! :)