Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thai Boxing in Xanthi

Last Saturday I traveled to the city of Xanthi for the needs of my work. My task was to stream a Thai Boxing tournament live through the internet.

The event started with a short but impressive exhibition from children athletes.

After that, it was time for some real fighting. Round 3!

1-2-3 Fight!

The coaching team watches closely.

Giving instructions and courage during the break.

Moments before the next round.

Being for a first time on such event, I was impressed by the amount of energy unleashed on the ring.

Female fighters showed the same, if not greater passion.

But what impressed me more was the ability of the athletes to be friends again, after the wild fighting.

I was also impressed by the delicate moves of the feet, that resembled those of a dancer.

Last but not least, I was impressed by the new collection of swimsuits that were displayed.

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