Saturday, July 4, 2009

Music Season for Athens: Ejekt Festival 09

Most people that don’t live in Greece and at some point come here as tourists during the summer, especially the ones who come from the northern ‘corners’ of the globe, go back home reminiscing the lovely weather, the sun, blah blah blah…

You people don’t realize that it is not exactly the case for us. Trust me! It can be really frustrating having to go to work when the weather is THAT warm. And even more, you have to count days for the two lousy weeks of vacation that you’ll get…if you’re lucky…

This is a typical thing that you come across during the plenty concerts that take place in Athens, especially during June. You just stand in the audience and listen to the musicians yapping about the great weather here in Greece…

Enough with the complaining and straight to the point. This summer, among other interesting gigs I was lucky to watch, I went to a 2-day festival that has been taking place in Athens for the last few summers. This year Ejekt festival was held in the old Athens Airport in Elliniko.

I tried to do my best in taking some pictures, but I bet you know how difficult that can be if you are stuck in a jumping crowd…So there we go!





A wee brake for a frosty beer

Echo & the Bunnymen

Mr. Jarvis Cocker


Have a wonderful summer kids!

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