Thursday, January 14, 2010

Istanbul, Queen of Cities

The Blue Mosque, as seen from Hagia Sophia

Galata Tower

View of Galata Bridge from Galata Tower

Fishing with rods from Galata Bridge

Walking on Galata Bridge

Inside the Topkapı Palace

Hagia Sophia exterior view

Hagia Sophia interior view

Sunset in Bosphorus, as seen from the Asian side

This was an express sightseeing tour.

Next post: Urban Istanbul!


Andriy said...

this is just amazing!
especially the first photo!

Thomas Babcock said...

I just started my blog page two days ago, and wow, your photos ( foto art ) are awesome. I can only pray that one day I get tow travel and see all the things you do........


That's right, really queen! It's my land :)

WhitneyB99 said...
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Γ.Ι.Δ.Α said...

Mary said...

Nice photo. I always wanted to visit Turkey.

dagvild said...

Hey! I really appreaciate your blog and if you ever want someone who could contribute with picture from Sweden, Poland, Belgium and Paris - please tell me! I live in Sweden for the moment but I go to the other countries very reguraly. This is a sample of pictures I've taken in Sweden this winter

soon there will be spring, which invites to many beautiful pictures.