Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A night in the woods

Foto Aparat celebrates! Christos Galanopoulos, one of the most exciting music composers in Greece, created this music video by blending his beautiful music with some of our photos.



Robert said...

Very slow to load but a wonderful blog....love it. I am new to blog surfing .....and blogging. My blogs:

will keep following yours

jorge said...

Thanks for your kind words Robert.

Both of your blogs are very inspirational too, one could travel and learn so much through them.

I will be following you too, thank you for the contact.
(and my greetings to "down under"!)

dagvild said...

Hey! I really appreaciate your blog and if you ever want someone who could contribute with picture from Sweden, Poland, Belgium and Paris - please tell me! I live in Sweden for the moment but I go to the other countries very reguraly. This is a sample of pictures I've taken in Sweden this winter

soon there will be spring, which invites to many beautiful pictures.


jorge said...

dagvild, it would be our pleasure to have you as a contributor to our blog!

All you have to do is send your email to bee.sides@gmail.com and I can send you an invitation to start right away. This blog is not about art photography, it's all about sharing our local experiences through photos.

I will be looking forward to your news!