Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the 12th of February 2008...

4:52 PM Andriy:
4:55 PM me: Гіоргос Герасимідіс
4:56 PM you know...
i would like to bring back that old idea
of a common blog of media management people around the world
posting whatever news and photos, in englisg
4:57 PM Andriy: фотоапарат
me: exactly
this could be the name :)

Andriy: nice!
4:58 PM do you mean "real media management" people
or just stirling 2004-2005
way too long ago it is
feel like yesterday
me: haha
well i mean us, friends
maybe radioheads
4:59 PM Andriy: and i used to be slim
we can do that, no problem
me: would be easier to manage
5:00 PM you will always be slim in our hearts, horbal
5:01 PM Andriy: well, radioheads + kou, robbie, and other people
me: yes, you know
diverse contributors
random posts
5:02 PM Andriy:
it's for sale!
me: with a team of around 10 contributors it could prove interesting
5:03 PM Andriy: should be
from all around the globe
me: how much should we offer for the domain?
Andriy: should be cool
me: :)
is 30 euros ok? :)
Andriy: they want at least 60 EUR
5:04 PM
the same for org and net
me: let's go for that, who cares? :)
5:05 PM maybe it is actually better with the dash
Andriy: you think it's a good name?
me: yes i like it
i am actually amazed it's not registered
5:06 PM Andriy: it should have the section "why foto-aparat"
me: i will leave that on you
Andriy: well
it was you who felt it's funny