Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thessaloniki night out

Zita Swoon is a band from Antwerp, Belgium that tours around Europe in their custom-made tour van. They call this series of concerts the "band in a box" tour. And yesterday they stopped their van in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The gig took place in an open square at a central point in Thessaloniki, and it was free for anyone to attend. Good music and lots of people added to the good mood of the night.

Here is one of my favourite Zita Swoon songs:

Update 24/5:

Here is a video from that night that I found today at YouTube. Totally worth of your time!

After the concert we went for an extra drink to a place that operates as a meat market during day, but as an indie bar area during night. If you don't mind the smell, I guess it's kind of cool!


Andriy said...

do you have any music bv them? i mean mp3?
you can upload it to

and then paste a plug-in player (like youtube video) in the post )

jorge said...

done sir, thanx for the tip!

Andriy said...


Bai said...

great music! there are quite a lot of them to be fixed into a van.
BTW, I'm using a proxy, another great invention!