Saturday, October 25, 2008

Abandoned Soviet Youth Camp

Picnic in the forest is always cool, especially in this time of year.

It is also pretty cool, when it is in abandoned camp for children of labourers.

It seems this place was kept intact for almost 20 years. Images of Lenin, propagandist graffiti's are still vivid.

This place used to be a "pioneer camp" for children of the Metro builders. Approximately 1985 map of the future development of Kyiv metro. Still too optimistic even for today...

Every morning, children were queuing up to wash their faces and brush their teeth. Seems pretty, and nostalgic, but ugly and disgusting, as I try to recall it, especially the stench from the "toilets".


jorge said...

Bravo re andriy!

I always love it when you take us to such places.

Your every-day surroundings, is our exotic escape.
This is the magic of foto aparat!

wall-e said...

I love the first picture! Which one is you Andriy?

ou ming said...

I agree with you jorge, this is the magic of foto aparat. Bravo to all of you!

Andriy said...

thank you!

i am without the broom :)

mmabs said...

wow Andriy...was this some kind of boot camp to brain wash kids...or was it all butterflies, flowers and happy songs to celebrate leaders like Lenin...seems scary. But yes, I agree I love how the blogs take us to all these different places...note to self...must must come to Europe again.... by the way Andriy, what was that story about women fighting in their Bikini's in Kyiv last week?

Andriy said...

Mmabs, just like the regular scout camp, and i guess it was not a bad one (i've seen worse in terms of amenities)

unfortunately i don't know about bikini fight :) what was in your news?