Friday, October 31, 2008

A Little Taste of Western China

Shanxi province, located at the middle-west part of China, is famous for their wheat food, such as noodles and stuffed steamed bread.

I stumbled across this nice little restaurant on Bei Xinqiao Street and my stomach refused to go on without tasting some of their delicious western China cuisine.

Stepping inside the restaurant you are immediately surrounded by elements of the traditional western China culture. The paper cuts, little sculptures of farm animals, artcrafts used in ancient sacrificing ceremonies, and some very lovely paintings showcasing the farmers’ lives.

Here comes the famous Shaozi Noodle (noodle with mashed assorted vegetables). Note the 2 empty bowls at the background, I already had several other very tasty local side dishes before the noodle!

I got so sleepy with my full stomach when I walked out the restaurant with satisfaction and new hope for the world, and forgot to take note of the name of the restaurant. But you can find it easily beside the only Dao Xiangcun Supermarket on Bei Xinqiao Street. If you are visiting the Lama Temple, why not try out here since they are just a block away? It’ll make your day!

Reposted from with the kind permission of Bai.

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