Sunday, November 2, 2008

Josef Koudelka: Retrospective Exhibition

Koudelka exhibition
I recently spent a few days in Athens for work. While I was working, a friend texted me and suggested that I should "100% visit the Koudelka exhibition at Benaki museum".

Two hours after the text message, I was there.

Benaki museum
I was visiting Benaki museum for the first time. It is a very impressive building, and an ideal exhibition venue.

Saturday afternoon at a photography exhibition. Not too crowded, not too lonely.

From the "Exiles" section of the exhibition. Photos from his wanderings around Europe, mainly during the 1970-1990 period. (I know it's stupid to take photos of... photos, but that's only to inspire you to google his name and check out his work by yourselves).

The exhibition was neatly set.

Loads of photos. How I would love to extend this lunch break!

Before using my camera, I asked the security guy if it was allowed. He said it was ok, as long as I would not use a flash. I wanted to reply that I don't like using flash anyway, but I didn't.

The exhibition went on at the 2nd floor.

You could read the biography of the photographer while walking up. I liked this projection of the time line.

More photos from the "Gypsies" section.

And more...

and more!

Let me try and describe his images in a few words:
Black & white, high contrast, grainy, character focused, with wise use of geometry and image balance. Transmitting strong, dark and mostly unpleasant messages. Human imperfection along with a volatile, fragile nature. Capturing reality, in a way it looks directed.

Just before the exit, a few handwritten thoughts of the artist. I read:
"We are both in love, but with a big difference. The woman wants to sit into my life. My life is not a living room"

Walking down, looking at the atrium of the museum.

This is one of Josef Koudelka photos that I particularly liked, found at
Notice the geometry and the balance of the elements in the photo. Genius!


Andriy said...

bravo re jorge!
what an impressive tour!
i also liked how strong the perspective is in these your pictures

SaLaMi-EdAfOuS said...

ontws sumfwnoume an kai opws exw ksanapei gia merika pragmata den mporoume na exoume upokeimeniki apopsi...den mporei kapoios na pei oti den tou aresei i enati tou mpetoven..kai i apantisi den einai oti tou aresei sigoura.einai oti mallon den mporei na tin akousei...opote prepei na ksanaprospathisei