Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ukrainian Villages: ... and Poor

In my previous post I describe probably the richest village of Ukraine. You are welcome now to take a look at the more regular village.

This village is some 100 km from capital. It's actually getting better, as many Kyiv residents buy houses there - as summer houses. But still it's quite depressing (maybe because of the climate and generally more "severe" nature of Polissia - region of Ukraine that borders Belarus, with sandy soil, swamps and woods.

Notice the traditional stove - a central element for all old rural houses. You can actually sleep on top of it.

This traditional wooden house is more than 70 years old.

Nature is not spoiled with "new rich" buildings.

But even the nature is a bit depressing.

Though next to the river it's quite splendid, even in autumn.


jorge said...

Great photos.

Did you eat the mushroom?

Andriy said...


wall-e said...

I have to say the poor village looks less tacky.